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If you have a norn with a low life force and is sick, send I copy of it to me and I will try to get it better.

This is what I do...

1. First I import the creature into the world. The world has only healthy food and plants and I try to keep the un-healthy creature in the incubator room. The food in the world is cheese, carrots, healthy plants, and lots of ckicken soup. The only creature in that world would be the sick one because if I had others there they could get sick to.

2. Then I see if it's hungry and I see what it's life force is.

3. I make sure the creature knows all the words so it's easier to take care of.

4. Then I feed the creature healthy food...

There's much more to it but I was just giving you an idea.

If you have a sick norn or grendel please send the creature to me and I will see what I can do. :o)

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