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Norns & Grendels

These are some of me norns and one of my grendels. Click on the norn's picture to download.


Estaban is a male child norn.
He is a mix between a forest norn and a horse norn.
His favorite COB is the saxaphone.
His name is Spanish for "Steven"



Lyle is one of my first norns.
He is now an adult.
He almost always eats food when you tel him too.



Greg is a bald headed norn with a brown body.
He likes carrots a lot.



Marsha is a female horse norn.
There is nothing unordinary about her.



Peter is a male horse norn.

He likes to push vender buttons but doesn't like to eat the food that comes out!
So Peter is a stubborn norn but he is pretty cool!



Infinian is a male forest norn.
I thought up his name myself.
Infinity to Infinian.



Lizzie is a female horse norn.
I don't know excactly how i got her.
She smiles a lot.
Lizzie likes to watch the waterfall.



This is picture of William. He is a regular grendel.
There is not much to say about him.
Hope you enjoy him though!

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