Hi Chewy, It's KN! Hey Chewy whats up? It's 8:35PM. I'm so tired from all that work. Tommarow I have a science project due! AHHHH! He he. :o) So how's the weather there? Right now it's dark out but today was sunny with a little breeze. Ho hum. I can't wait till your birthday! What do you want? I'm gonna get you something! We have pieces to a computer that my dad might build. Oh yeah I allready told ya. Heh. :oP I'm bored. I really should be reading my book (but this is funner) says Katie in a whisper. I can't wait till I'm in 7th grade. The boys better not be like they were the rest of my life!!! Do you ride the bus or walk home from school. I take the bus. The busdriver lets only the 6th graders ride in the back. The back is really fun because when we go over bumps you go high! There is a bridge at our school that is loose. When one person stands on one side and bends there kneese a little and the other person is on the other side jumping on the bridge the first person goes REALLY high in the air. I wish you could visit me or I could visit you. Maybe when I'm 80! He he he he! *smiles* -KatieNorn

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