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A Short Idea of TITANIC

It was April 10, 1912 and the Titanic was taking off from Southampton to America. A first class lady named Rose DeWitt Bukater(played by Kate Winslet) was sailing on Titanic.And a young man named Jack Dawson(played by Leonardo DiCaprio)was traveling in third class. The first time Jack saw Rose he thought she was beautiful. They fell in love but Rose's fiance, Caledon Hockley (played by Bill Zane) and her mother Ruth (played by Frances Fisher) were trying to stop her. While Jack and Rose were running away from Cal's lawyer, Mr. LoveJoy the Titanic hit an iceberg. Thomas Andrews(the disigner of the ship)tells Rose and other important people that the Titanic will sink. Rose and Jack go to tell Cal and Ruth what happend. While Jack and Rose were walking to Rose's bedroom(where Ruth and Cal are)Cal's lawyer puts a precious diamond necklace(the Heart of the Ocean) that was given to Rose, in Jack's coat pocket to frame him. Jack is brought down to the lower decks and hand cuffed to a strong pipe...

You probably already know what happens but if you haven't seen it I don't want to spoil the awesome movie TITANIC for you.

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