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Interesting Things About TITANIC Interesting Things About TITANIC

The part when people are boarding the ship, they had to make everything backwards so it would look like the place it left in SouthHampton. Then they reversed the film so it would look how you saw (or should see it) in the theaters.

Kate Winslet was more comfortablebeing filmed at the third class party than in the first class one.

Makeup artists had to run in and out between scenes, because the pool chemicals kept washing off th "waterproof" makeup.

The samllest shooting tank they had could hold about 350,000 gallons of water!

James Cameron (the derector) filmed many scenes by hand.

To do some of the filming near the Grand Staircase, Cameron took out some glass windows.

The script said to have Rose tightening her mother's corset, but they quickly reversed it.

For lots of scenes (like when Jack and Rose saw the iceberg hit the ship) they put a green background then added the real background later.

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